Commercial Property and Real Estate Maintenance

Owning real estate whether residential or commercial is cumbersome enough on its own.  Don’t let the maintenance get in the way of your focus. We've spent over 10 years in commercial real estate maintenance with one of the nation's largest real estate maintenance providers. We offer full service, all encompassing property management.

- Ceiling tiles
- Lighting and ballast
- Wall repair and touch ups
- Flooring repairs
- General plumbing repairs
- Doors and closers
- Compliance
- Asset management
- Preventive Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance


We know that owning and maintaining real estate, no matter the size, will always be a need. Let us take the guesswork out of getting your maintenance needs addressed. Valuable time is lost trying to schedule numerous contractors to conduct multiple repairs. Let us take the guesswork out of it and handle all your maintenance needs.  

  • Private Residential
  • Private Commercial
  • Real estate 
  • Mixed use 
  • Multi family residential


We can design preventative maintenance plans to fit any schedule, budget, and need.  Let us help you improve business productivity and keep you operating efficiently without the hassle.

  • Regularly Scheduled visits and inspections
  • Cost Avoidance 
  • Priority scheduling 
  • Increased efficiency of assets 
  • Prevention of lost time 
  • Attention to safety for liability avoidance
  • Vast knowledge of materials and sourcing
  • Custom reporting and tracking of maintenance
  • Compliance and regulatory alignment


Scope of work examples:

  • Maintenance, repair, and inspection of HVAC
  • General repairs
  • Lightning and ballast Repair & Restoration
  • Ceiling tile Repair & Restoration
  • Flooring Repair & Restoration
  • Walls and paint 
  • Doors and locks
  • Roofing leak mitigation
  • Plumbing Repair & Restoration
  • Sales fixture Maintenance & Repair